Media matters

I’ve been following the Twitter feed of my publisher, Marshall Cavendish, since I started Twittering, not all that long ago. I didn’t realize that they have a Facebook page, too, until just now I looked at their website for some reason and saw a “Find Us on Facebook” button. So I did, became a fan,and saw to my surprise that of MC’s recent posts––was about a 10-book YA series on Forensics, for which I’ve written 9 of the titles. (Okay, some of them aren’t finished yet, but 4 are out and look great.)

All of which made me realize that:

1) I am spending more time than I expected to do on LJ, FB, and Twitter

2) I like finding out about things that way, and I should start using those tools more intelligently

3) Marshall Cavendish’s little FB post is about 40,000 times better-looking than my own two crapulous websites, which are the Internet equivalent of tarpaper shacks and waaaay overdue for a makeover. Which in turn has made me resolve that when I get back from Iceland I will either learn how to build a decent website and do so, or pay someone to do it. I’d love to launch shiny redesigned sites with a splash about the Human Evolution series, which is coming off press soon.