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Tl;dr version:

–I’m delighted to have written the MG adaptation of The Six, Loren Grush’s terrific bestselling book about the first US women in space. I posted about it here.

-The revised and updated edition of A Young People’s History of the United States, which I adapted for young readers from the work of historian Howard Zinn, was #1 in several categories on Amazon after publication by Seven Stories Press in early 2023. As of April 2024, it was #12 in Teen and Young Adult 19th Century US History and #16 in Civil and Human Rights Books for Young Adults. I posted about it here.

–I’ve published more than 200 nonfiction books, mostly for young readers, with a dozen different publishers, as well as some fiction.

–Favorite fiction: horror, science fiction, fantasy. Nonfiction favorites are travel, exploration, and natural history.

–Favorite places visited so far: Tibet, Iceland, Laos, Corsica, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Uruguay, Patagonia, Costa Rica. I also love traveling around my home state. Oregon has it all: glorious Pacific coast, forested mountain chain, and high-desert interior.

–I love clouds, rain, short days, and general gloom.