Hello there. Recent blog posts are linked on this page. For information about me and my books, check the other pages of this site. For the tl;dr version, I’m:

–happy that the revised and updated edition of A Young People’s History of the United States, which I adapted for young readers from the work of historian Howard Zinn, was #1 in several categories on Amazon after publication by Seven Stories Press early this year. As of mid-May it was still at #8 in several categories: I posted about it here.

–writing a spooky MG novel, a YA contemporary fantasy novel, and a horror story. Some of them might see the light of day (or the dark of night) sometime.

–the author of more than nonfiction 200 books, mostly for young readers, with a dozen different publishers.

–a reader with an ever-growing TBR pile. My fiction intake is high in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Nonfiction favorites are travel, exploration, and natural history.

–a traveler when possible. Favorite places visited so far: Tibet, Iceland, Laos, Corsica, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Uruguay, and Patagonia. I also love traveling around my home state. Oregon has it all: Pacific coast, forested mountain chain, high-desert interior.

–a lover of clouds, rain, short days, and general gloom.