So far, so fun

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Surface Pro 4. I had thought about waiting for SP5, but that’s an endless spiral–at some point you just have to buy the tech thing you want, knowing that it will all too soon be superseded by a newer model. So far, though, I’m pleased with the SP4.

It’s as light and portable as I had hoped, making my former portable seem ridiculously ponderous, although it too had seemed like a featherweight when new. I like the Surface Pro’s screen and keyboard a lot. The battery life has received some criticism but seems fine to me. However, I don’t game, edit video, or run multiple demanding apps simultaneously, so YMMV. I haven’t yet mde much use of the SP4 as a tablet, although perhaps that factor will grow on me. Mostly I wanted a portable robust enough to serve as my sole computer, at least on an interim basis, if and when my touchscreen desktop machine dies. My main tools–Scrivener, OpenOffice, and Evernote–run beautifully on the SP4, so I’m happy.