One down, about nine to go

Well, I’ve almost finished writing the book I rashly thought I would finish at Taos. (How little I knew! The workshop workload was more than enough, thanks very much.) I still have a few pages and a final couple of sidebars to write to complete this ms. on Forensics, and I should probably read it all through again before hitting the fateful “Send” button–but I probably won’t. (Sorry, copyeditors.)

So, here I am, despite my solemn vow not to allow any more distractions until the book was done. I couldn’t, though, resist the urge to write my¬† first blog entry so that I can see how it looks on the journal page. Too bad these vapid maunderings are all I can come up with. But I can look forward to a pleasant evening at the end of what I hope will be a productive day. Zach and I are going out with friends to eat Malaysian food and see a French horror flick called Ils (Them). When I first heard about this movie, I thought maybe it would involve giant French ants (les fourmies grandes?) but apparently it is more intellectual than that. Pity.