One world, under logo

This lovely copy of the August 1974 Analog came into my hands courtesy of my friend Casey Seyb, and I just read Ben Bova’s editorial, in which he asks, “Where are the citizens of the world?”

2015“In story after story,” Bova points out, “science-fiction writers tacitly assume that this entire planet will eventually be united into a single world government”–if not by the end of the 20th century, then soon. He lists the reasons why people and nations will resist that unification, then argues that it will come about someday if for no other reason than resource control.

“Could it be,” he writes, “that the nasty oil companies, and nasty ITT, and other multinational corporations are taking the first painful steps toward a world community? For reasons that are no more exalted than simple greed?”

There you go. SF predicting the future again.