Word Smith Redux

Here are the meanings of the words I had to look up while reading the Clark Ashton Smith stories:

nacarat–a pale orange-tinted red; also, a type of cloth of that color

invultuation–inflicting damage on a wax effigy, as by sticking it with a pin, in the belief that this will cause harm to the person represented by the effigy

inenarrable–unable to be narrated; i.e., indescribable

fescennine–lewd, licentious, or scurrilous, as in poetry or song; from Fescennia, an ancient Etruscan town notorious for bawdy songs and verses

parapegm–an engraved plaque or tablet displayed in a public place, usually of brass

The meanings suggested by Daw and Kelly in response to my previous post are, of course, vastly superior! To Daw, the Samuel Johnson Wordful Goodness Award, and to Kelly, the Daniel Webster Medal of Mucho Merit.

Added later: Argh. I meant Merriam-Webster, of course! The perils of writing something first thing in the morning, without enough Mountain Dew in my system to wake up my brain.