Welcome to my website. I’m:

–a writer who has published more than 200 books, mostly nonfiction, with a dozen different publishers. That’s not as many pages as you may think. Many of my books have been for kids and young adults, and some of them are short. My three most recent books, though, are not short. They are Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species for Young Readers (Atheneum), a  YA adaptation of Jill Jonnes’s Eiffel’s Tower (Seven Stories Press), and a YA adaptation of James W. Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me (The New Press).

–a reader with an ever-growing “to read” pile. My fiction intake is high in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Nonfiction reading rambles but often comes back to polar and Himalayan travel and exploration, evolutionary biology, and cosmology.

–a traveler whenever I can manage it. Favorite places visited so far: Tibet, Iceland, Laos, Corsica, Bulgaria, Istanbul, and Uruguay. Most recently: southern Chile.

–a resident of the Pacific Northwest who loves clouds, rain, short days, and gloom in general.

Students, teachers, and librarians: If you’d like to know more about my nonfiction books for teens and young readers, there’s a website dedicated to those works right here.